About Us


Who Are We?


     The Latvian Foundation is an association of donors who wish to cultivate and support Latvian education, culture and ethnicity for the future.
      Founded in 1970, the Latvian Foundation was the first of its kind in the exile community to actualize the idea of developing a stable and secure means of providing financial support, using only the accrued interest of its accumulated capital. 
      Even now, the Latvian Foundation holds a unique and significant position in upholding Latvian cultural traditions as well as supporting new creative works.

  • Using democratic voting principles, members decide how funds will be allocated
  • This process invites all members to become involved in cultural life, to delve into its needs as well as its challenges
  • Membership in the Latvian Foundation rallies individuals from around the world, from all walks of life -- students and pensioners, families, as well as organizations.

     To ensure the future of the Latvian nation and its people, it is important to maintain our culture, to secure its expression and new directions, as well as to promote Latvian education so that our community never loses its sense of identity.
     Our Latvian heritage is too rich and valuable to be lost or diminished. The Latvian Foundation’s goal is to sustain this heritage by providing the all too rare funding for those cultural and educational projects which reinvigorate a Latvian sense of identity. To do this, we need your help! Join the Latvian Foundation and help maintain a strong Latvian spirit.